Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16th 2012

NOTE: This will be the last journal entry for awhile.

What does this story have to say to us in our lives?

Read Jonah 1 and journal some thoughts

There are times in our lives when God calls us to do hard things, some of them may seem impossible. In those moments we have a choice, we can choose to follow God and begin to do the impossible or we can choose to run. For Jonah, preaching salvation to such a horrible nation (and they did do very terrible things) was so much for him to bear and so he ran.

So many times in our lives, whether we mean to or not, we run from God. Like Jonah, when we run from God (Israel) we run towards hell (deep) here on earth. When we run, God sends storms. God doesn’t send the storms of life to punish us, or to get even with us in some sort of cosmic balancing act. God sends the storms of life to call us back to where He wants us to be, because the place He wants us to be is what is best for us.

Does this sound familiar? Does this at times remind you of the pattern that God works in our lives today? May you come to understand that God has bigger things planned for you than you could imagine, and may you see that the storms of life are God’s way of bringing you into that plan.

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